A huge free update to Kumo Lumo – Time Attack Mode!

by Jogolumo on July 25, 2013

It’s definitely a great time to be a rain cloud. First we took the Macworld 2013 iOS Game of the Year gong, and now there’s even more important news for Kumo Lumo!

Yes, your favourite rain-‘em-up is getting a brand new update and this time we’ve got some big new features to bring to you, the most important of which is a whole new way to enjoy Kumo Lumo.

Time Attack is a new mode that sits alongside the original game (now renamed Story Mode). The gameplay is the same rain ‘em up action that you all know and love, but instead of a fixed objective, Time Attack just asks you to score as many points as possible while playing against the clock.

There are 3 Time Attack levels, 1 Minute, 3 Minutes and 5 Minutes. Each has been specially designed to provide an exciting ride around the skies, raining on as many things as you can find. Unlike the Story Mode, Time Attack keeps the skies filled with clouds, so it’s easy to keep Lumo topped up with water – unless you’re into particularly heavy rain.

The trick is to pick the right things to rain on and blast with Lightning. Everything in the world has got different score values, but the high values stuff is not always nearby  – so do you keep raining or just go hunting for high values targets and valuable Multi-Kills? Time Attack also gives you ample opportunity to make use of all those Rain and Lightning upgrades you’ve purchased.

Play for Glory – or Play for Fun

Time Attack is a great way to get competitive and try to compete against your Game Center friends for the highest score. You can use challenge your friends to try to beat your new high score and it’s easy to keep track on who is currently beating you in the Leaderboards.

That’s great if you like a challenge, but we know a lot of you just love a bit of Lumo time without the pressure to win and who don’t need to show off to your friends. Well, Time Attack just gives you that lovely, relaxing time with your favourite Rain Cloud. Fly around, have fun, look after Lumo! He’ll love it and we won’t mind if you don’t threaten the top of the Leaderboards.

You might even see some things you’ve not found in the main game so there’s plenty of reasons for everyone to enjoy this new game mode.

More Improvements

We’ve also been working hard backstage to continue improving the Kumo Lumo experience for everyone. We’ve made quite a few levels in Story Mode slightly easier, so if you had got stuck – go back and give it another shot, you may be pleasantly surprised. You should notice there’s a much more reliable flow of gold coins into your games and that ground based characters are a bit more unpredictable and dynamic now.

Even more improvements

Those of you with unreliable Wi-Fi or 3D connections may have noticed that the Gold Store was not always available even after you had reconnected to the internet. Well, we can’t help with your internet connection but Kumo Lumo will re-connect automatically now so if you’re online, the gold shop will always be there!


Well that’s the best bit – the whole update is FREE! All of these features and improvements are completely free to you. Just download the update from the App Store NOW and Kumo Lumo will be back in your pocket, better than ever!

Lumo’s even got a brand new icon for you to look out for! (Aaaah – so that’s why Lumo turned purple a few days ago…)

This is our thanks to you for being such an amazing group of fans. You support on Twitter continues to amaze us and we hope you tell even more of your friends how awesome Kumo Lumo is.

Thanks everyone – now stop reading and GET RAINING!!

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