As Kumo Lumo sweeps the world… the launch trailer arrives!

by Jogolumo on October 10, 2012

It’s the day we’ve all be waiting for. Kumo Lumo has started appearing in App Stores across the world, our US friends will have it by tomorrow morning and will be hitting Europe in a few short hours. Don’t worry – it’ll be in everyone’s hands very soon!

In the meantime we are thrilled to bring you the official launch trailer. So settle in, turn up the volume, and enjoy every second. When you’ve finished watching, share it with EVERYONE you know! And don’t forget to say “Aw Yeah!” in that big booming Lumo voice!

Let’s practice… ONE… TWO… THREE…


You guys are amazing! Here’s the trailer!

Before you go, we’d just like to offer our heartfelt thanks to all the Lumo friends and supporters we have picked up in the last few months. You have offered us your trust and attention long before you got to play the game and the encouragement has been truly inspiring. From our Twitter followers and Facebook friends to our Beta Testers and fan artists – you’ve been amazing and we hope we can count on you to continue flying the flag and saying “AW YEAH!” whenever someone offers you a cup of tea or a nice bacon sandwich  We hope that we will have many, many more friends in the coming weeks and months, but you guys - and you know who you are - you were there right at the beginning and for that we thank you!

Team Lumo.

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