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by Jogolumo on September 7, 2012

So the Kumo Lumo beta test is in full flow and we are getting some excellent feedback from the testers. We are at once thrilled with the quality of the comments and (quietly) a little bit chuffed with ourselves for the careful selection of testers.
But to be serious (for a very fleeting moment) the quality of feedback we have already received has been excellent. The questions you have raised have been thought provoking, whilst the criticism has been entirely constructive. If you still have feedback for us, please send it via email – you should have the feedback address as part of your beta invitation email.
We’ve been collating and assessing the response for a few days now and we ‘ve already seen some very valuable observations coming through. Most excitingly we have already been able to make some big improvements and fixes to the game. Here’s the headlines.

  • The Case of the Missing Stars - Several of you reported this problem. We are happy to tell you that it is now FIXED! Somehow the exact build that we sent out had an issue with remembering star ratings. That has been found and fully fixed.
  • The Mystery of the 3-Star-Rating - We’ve made some big changes to the flying scores that you get when you rain on anything. Because several people didn’t understand the relationship between raining on stuff and earning your 3-Star rating, we’ve replaced the flying numbers with… yep, flying stars. So now earn your Star rating by making lots and lots of stars! Hopefully this makes things clearer, it certainly makes the whole game much, much prettier.
  • The Disappearance of Kumo Lumo - We’ve spent a long time chasing the random crash bug that a few people reported. We’ve made some changes under the bonnet and everything is looking much more stable now. Phew! Thanks for the reporting everyone!
  • The Case of the Retry Button - Several people explained that they’d love to be able to simply retry a level, even if they succeeded at the challenge. Sounds simple enough. DONE!

So as submission looms like a gigantic Icelandic volcanic* dust cloud, we’ve been able to make these final few fixes to our game before releasing it into the wild. It’s still well worth sending any further feedback if you have not done so already. We might still be able to squeeze in a few more improvements before launch, plus we have every intention of giving Kumo Lumo a lot of support after it reaches the App Store so now is far from the last chance to help improve our game. And it is our game now that you’ve become a part of the process.
Have a great weekend everyone, and thanks for your help!

*That sentence actually made our brain hurt but once it was out there was no way we were going to try and change it.


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