Cloud Formation 2 – High Ideas

by stevelumo on February 8, 2012

You may already be familiar with the story so far, we work for a very nice company that doesn’t normally do this sort of thing, and since we’re between projects, we decided to do one of our own, whether or not Mum and Dad liked it. Yes, that is a bit sneaky and yes, some very very important people still have no idea that this is even happening, so it is a bit scary, but amazingly good fun.

On January 16th, the Cabal formed and we had a secret meeting where those half-whispered conspiracies were sealed in, if not blood, then certainly in tea. We settled on iOS and decided to go off researching and inventing. The rest of the day was spent gathering ideas and pretty pictures and looking at the simplicity of the most successful iOS games. This latter bit wasn’t really too taxing because it mostly involved sitting with our iPhones and iPads and having a lot of fun.

Two ideas emerged by the end of that day. The big planning meeting was booked for the following morning.

It was on the walk into work the following morning that The Third Idea came into being.

A world, a simple, round world that the player had to look after. Make nice things flourish and make bad things go away. Simply spin the world to find the things that need your attention then do something to make them happy.

This immediately led to the idea of being a Cloud hovering over the world. Raining on things to make them grow, to put out fires, to fill lakes and wash away the mess. BANG! That was the thought process. It could all be controlled with one finger – that was one of the few restrictions we were working to. It was simple, easy to make, and the Cloud would have a big, smiley face!

The secret meeting was amazing. The Cabal agreed. We were going to make the Cloud game! We’d heard about cloud gaming but weren’t quite sure what it meant so this seemed like a good step in the right direction.

The Cloud would be happy.  Clouds love raining on stuff, it’s their whole purpose in life. Everything in the game would be happy. It would make us all happy. And when it’s finished it’ll make you happy. We really believe it will.

So perhaps it can help those philosophical ennui issues after all!

The Ideas Man

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