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by Jogolumo on October 9, 2012

Kumo Lumo is still a few days away from being released but already we’ve got some fantastic pieces of fan art from the friends we have picked up along the way.  That people have taken time to draw and send us their Lumo pictures is one of the most amazing things we’ve seen since we started working on the fluffy little guy.  Honestly, we are so flattered and grateful to everyone who has taken the time and we would LOVE to see more. This is just the first batch we have received but please keep sending us your Kumo Lumo art so we can publish it on the blog.*

And so, without further ado, step forward @Inspchin, who started the rush with this gorgeous little fanpic. THANKS VERY MUCH! (Although we’re not sure how long Lumo would last against Ayane, Gen Fu or Ryu Hayabusa!)


Next up, original superfan @RidentFFXI sent us this lovely little doodle direct from his notepad! WE SALUTE YOU, RIDENT!


@Jonfaec gets the quote bang on with this super cool Lumo, chilling in the sunshine! We can only reply, “AWWWWW YEEEAAH!”


@Limbclock gets inside the mind of brave little Lumo. Yeah, Lumo loves it up in the sky, and Limbclock, YOU ARE OUR THOUGHTFUL HERO!


@GlossyManatee took a minimalist approach and used a proper pencil and everything for this picture of a Boomlet. GLOSSY ONE – YOU HAVE BEEN ACCEPTED!

Get your microscopes out because @DrPid went old skool on us and made this tiny teeny, but adorably cute little Lumo sprite. DrPid, YOUR ART MAY BE SMALL BUT YOUR HEART IS GREAT!

There’s even been time for us to try our hand at Lumo fanart ourselves. @NickJohnA went to the extreme of making this fanart in a completely different game! See if you can guess which one… We say, CHALLENGE ACCEPTED, NICK!

And lastly, @Jogosity couldn’t resist having a go himself. If you ever wake up to a Pirate Fox peeping over your windowsill like this, we advise you RUN – TO THE KITCHEN!

We hope you’ve been inspired to go and create some Lumo art yourselves! We’ve not had any knitting or paper craft yet – perhaps you can be first!

Thanks, once again to everyone who’s taken part this far. Keep it coming folks, it’ll make Lumo so, so happy!


* Small print: If you send us fan art, we’ll assume you are happy for us to publish it on the blog and print a credit byline. This will usually be your Twitter handle or just your first name if you send us a picture via email or Facebook. If you don’t want us to publish your picture or don’t want us to use your name, please let us know. We’d still love to see your pics even if you don’t want us to publish them!

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