Gameplay 2: Bolts from the Blue

by Jogolumo on August 29, 2012

As you all know by now our heroic little cloud Lumo is far from being a weak and innocent rain cloud. He is in fact a storm cloud, capable of unleashing terrifying bolts of lightning on foes, Volcanoes and Sheep alike.

Lightning is a lot of fun to use and very, very handy, not least because it can dispatch even a fully grown Volcano with a single ZAP (and create some useful fluffy clouds into the bargain). However, with great power comes great responsibility and there’s some very, very important things you need to know about 1.21 gigawatts of spiky destruction!

 1. Lightning is limited by the amount of lightning energy you have. Each blast depletes your lightning gauge by a certain amount. Thankfully, lightning energy recharges over time. In fact, it takes around ten seconds to regain enough energy to unleash one bolt of level 1 lightning. What do we mean by level 1 lightning? Read on…

2. You can upgrade your lightning to ever more powerful bolts and blasts. Each upgrade adds an extra bolt to each blast, increasing the destructive range of your Thor-like rage. If you upgrade lightning far enough you will earn the shockingly awesome Skyburst power. With this you will finally be able to blow those evil little black clouds out of the sky without needing to waste precious water.

3. The downside to all this power though is that each upgrade increases the amount of energy needed for each shot. However, you can counter this by upgrading the amount of lighting energy you can carry – think of it has having a pocketful of spare batteries. Don’t worry about the fact that clouds don’t wear trousers and therefore probably don’t have pockets. It messes up the metaphor and we’ll all end up in a lot of trouble.

So that’s how lightning works. But there is way more to it than that.


Multikills, Massive Bonuses and Gold

The problem with raindrops is that they are very small, and each drop can only hit one thing at a time. Lightning, however, doesn’t suffer from this drawback and allows you to score truly impressive and incredibly useful multikills.

Multikills act much as you’d expect; each Pirate Fox, Volcano and Boomlet that you destroy in a single blast of lightning counts towards your multikill combo. Not only do you gain all the score value from each individual kill, you earn a tidy bonus on top of that. This all contributes to the World Saver total you can see in the top right corner of the screen (about which more in a later post).

That already sounds like a pretty good deal for wiping out a load of enemies right? A-ha, but multikills are even more valuable than that. Each multikill you achieve has a chance of earning you a gold coin. The higher your multikill count, the higher the chance of earning some gold. The more gold you have the more upgrades to Lumo’s lightning and rain powers you can obtain. There are several other ways to obtain gold, but multikills are a great way of using skill and judgement to increase your supply of gold so it’s a great tactic to use.

(We’re sure that someone wise once said “Kills for skills…” but we can’t quite remember who that might have been, or what colour his cloud was.)

The final thing to say about lightning and multikills is that we don’t really know how high multikills can actually go.* Depending on how much risk you can handle we think they could get really high indeed. Thankfully we’ve got some Facebook message sharing so if you get a particularly massive multikill you can easily let your friends know and keep a record yourself.

*Honestly, we really don’t have a theroetical maximum on this. If any of you manage to break the game by using insane lightning attacks we’ll be very upset. Impressed. But upset. (And possible vengeful.)

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Katherine August 29, 2012 at 2:46 pm

I have an anecdote about not knowing upper limits of multipliers!

In Worcle (, there are star balls which double your score. I was happily sitting at the top of the Game Center leader board until someone noticed an anomaly in our multiplier code. If you got 2 star balls in a word you got 4x the word points, which is okay, but with each extra star, your score got doubled again.

Stephen managed to score over a million points with one 12 letter word made entirely of starred balls –

He’s still sitting at the top of our leader board, having basically beaten our scoring system thanks to none of our testing team ever managing to get enough stars in one word to notice the extreme scoring potential of those stars! :)


Jogolumo August 29, 2012 at 2:58 pm

Hehe! That’s cool!
Nice to know that one person at the top of one leaderboard on any game didn’t get there by using naughty hacks. Straightforward code exploits perhaps, but that still feels less like cheating.

Sensibly speaking, we will be limited by our *adopts programmer voice even though I’m not a programmer* node pool limits. But more excitingly, we don’t know how may enemies the HUMAN MIND can cope with. So it’ll be interesting, either way.


Katherine August 29, 2012 at 3:09 pm

Worcle only goes up to 12 letter words, as we figured most people don’t know many words longer than that ;) So Stephen certainly found the upper limit of scoring possibilities. One other player has come close, but never been in contact to share screenshots unfortunately. No one else (myself included) can get anywhere even close!

It is sad when people hack their way to the top of a leaderboard. Exploiting loop holes in my code is just fine, but out right cheating is just pointless really!


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