by Jogolumo on October 8, 2012

Are you ready for this? We have the best news you’ve heard all day. *Deep breath*

Kumo Lumo will be released on the 11th October!

That’s just 3 days away… <GULP>

Yep, you read that right. YOU (yes, even you) can download Kumo Lumo from the App Store on Thursday 11th October. The game will be live on the App Store at 00:01 on Thursday morning, so if you stay up really late on Wednesday you should be able to get it before you go to bed. As promised the game will be FREE so there is really no excuse not to download and start raining on all those trees, whales, Pirate Foxes, creepy teacups and startled sheep!

So mark the date in your diaries, book the day off work, stock up on bacon and barricade the door to stop the outside world from disturbing you.

Thursday 11th October 2012 will forever be known and “Kumo Lumo Day.” (Or “Black Friday” to confused employers across the country, whose staff all fail to show up for work that day.)

For once, we really, REALLY, hope it rains!


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