Watch the skies…

by ChrisLumo on September 19, 2012

18th October.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that it sounds like any other date, but oh no. This date is special.

Important things have happened, and do indeed happen, on this date. Earth-shattering things, things that have changed the world as we know it. It’s International Neck-tie Day for one. Charles Babbage, inventor the programmable computer sadly died upon this day in 1871. It’s also the day upon which Jean-Claude Van Damme and Zac Efron were born (not in the same year obviously, that would be just weird). In fact, it’s often been said* that Lumo has the good looks and charm of Mr Effron (naturally) combined with the general ass-kicking awesomeness of Van Damme. Who are we to argue?

Anyway, the point is that another wonderful, amazing, very important thing will be happening on 18th October 2012.

Our gallery event is going to be awesome, and yes, we’ve got the ticker tape parade, dancing elephants and brass band at the ready, not to mention the flying monkeys too!

So tell one, tell all! Kumo Lumo is very soon to be with us. You’ll find the event flier in our previous post, and we’ll be reminding everyone as the time draws nearer. If you can make it we’d love Love LOVE to see you there.

Watch the skies, Lumo is coming!




*It’s never been said. Yet.

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