Where have we been? – Part 1 – The Launch Party

by Jogolumo on November 26, 2012


It’s been quite a while since our last blog post, which actually means we’ve got loads of news to tell you.

The Kumo Lumo Launch event


On October 26th, a week after Kumo Lumo went live on the App Store, we held our incredible launch celebration in the Graffik Gallery in London.

Most game launches are pretty staid affairs, in posh pubs or restaurant venues, with a few game journalists and your best (coolest) mates hanging around, nibbling on canapés. But, as with all things Kumo Lumo, we wanted to do something bigger, better and most of all, far more original.

Since the game was so influenced by the whole street art movement, we thought that a one-off exhibition of street art was an amazing way to celebrate the launch of the game and actually get involved with the art movement itself.

So after a frantic few weeks of contacting artists and creating some original artwork ourselves, we found ourselves on Portobello Road with an astounding collection of prints and paintings on show in honour of the little cloud himself.

A roaring success, the gallery was filled with people drawn by the mix of street art, sticker art and Lumo himself.

The Graffik Gallery features an outdoor area which we were allowed to decorate in our own chaotic style.

That same outdoor area also played host to well known street artist, International Nobody who performed a live paint.


Other artists including Dead Cert, Tom Lewis, Static and Andrew McAttee also showed their work.

Team Lumo were also proud to exhibit their own artwork. Every piece created especially for the event

The Pirate Foxes took pride of place in the show. (As ever…)

It was an incredible night that I don’t think any member of Team Lumo will ever forget.

If you were there, or had any part to play in the event, Team Lumo would like to extend our most heartfelt thanks. You’ve made a small fluffy cloud, very, very proud indeed.

Here’s the highlights of the whole event in video form. Enjoy!


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